If you haven't got married yourself, you have probably been to a wedding. But what makes a successful wedding? And why do people even get married to begin with?

What Is a Wedding?

The concept of marriage dates back thousands of years, although at first many marriages were arranged, and the main reason for the wedding was to create an alliance between families or tribes. Many of the elements of today's wedding ceremony date back to Medieval England, when it was decided that a priest must oversee every marriage, and the concept of a legally binding agreement was devised. Over the centuries, the different traditions such as flowers, a reception and ceremony, honeymoon and elaborate wedding dress have all been added. The white wedding dress has been popular since 1840 when Queen Victoria wore it when she married Albert.

The Right Venue

Your wedding day is one of those rare occasions when you feel as though everything has to be just right, to ensure an enjoyable and memorable day. One of the most important things is having the right venue, both for the actual ceremony and the more informal reception. Regardless of what you are looking for in potential wedding venues in leicester and everywhere else in the UK have an overwhelming choice of places to tie the knot.

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Of course, you don't have to get married in church; only about 30 percent of couples do, and there are plenty of other options. You can get married just about anywhere you like these days, including the grounds of a castle or stately home, on a beach or simply at your local town hall. Decide what is appropriate for you and what you feel comfortable with; the ideal venue should reflect your beliefs, interests and attitudes. And it takes both the bride and groom to decide on the perfect venue; input from family can be useful but shouldn't be the deciding factor.

What Else Is Important?

But apart from the venue, there are other things that have to be planned and although the bride is traditionally responsible for much of this, the groom can and should take part too. It also depends just how complicated your wedding plans are; a destination wedding overseas obviously takes more planning and coordinating than a simple ceremony at the town hall. Deciding on the guest list is often one of the more challenging things when it comes to planning your wedding, and you may have to compromise on the number of guests. In fact, the number of guests may be a deciding factor when it comes to the ideal venue. Many couples consider that having a good wedding photographer is one of the most important things, and the right photographer will capture every aspect of the big day in a way that will ensure a lasting memory. Just as important are the flowers, finding the perfect wedding dress, the music and of course the catering company you use. It all helps to make a wedding the most important day for every couple.